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    SVM-PEPARRAY is a web-based program capable of constructing qualitative and quantitative models based on peptide microarray binding datasets using support vector machine (SVM) modeling methods.
    Peptide microarrays (peptide arrays) allow simultaneous interrogation of a large number of peptides for their ability to bind to specific proteins or other macromolecules on a solid surface. A main objective of analyzing peptide array-based binding experiments is to uncover the relationship between a peptide sequence and the binding outcome.
    Support vector machines (SVMs) are a class of machine learning techniques based on the Statistical Learning Theory. Owing to their solid theoretical foundation and excellent empirical performance, SVMs have been successfully applied in constructing both qualitative (classification) models and quantitative (regression) models in a variety of practical applications.
    SVM-PEPARRAY is a versatile, user-friendly program with various options for model constructing and testing, and it is designed to be used with ease by users with no programming experience.


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