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    Small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) are a class of 20-25 nucleotide-long double-stranded RNAs, and they are widely used as gene knock-down tool in molecular genetics, functional genomics, and drug discovery studies. However, despite numerous efforts, the design of potent siRNA remains inadequate. Design rules resulting from different studies often disagree with each other, and are often unsatisfactory. Typically, only about 75-80% siRNAs designed based on current rules result in >50% knock-down efficacy.
   Observing these difficulties, we have established this database of experimentally validated mammalian siRNAs with efficacy ratings.
   Currently, 17,192 records of experimentally validated siRNAs, targeting 5,086 genes, originated from 6,122 independent studies are hosted in siRecords. More detailed statistics can be found here.
   On this site, you can search siRNA records, design siRNAs, or submit siRNA records resulting from your own study (requires register/login).

Related Projects:

- siDRM: an effective and generally applicable online siRNA design tool, in which the DRM siRNA design rule sets are implemented.

- miRecords: a resource of miRNA-target interactions, including a curated database of experimentally validated miRNA targets, and an integration of the predictions made by 11 miRNA target prediction tools.

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